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Re: Is snap-to-grid zoom-level dependant?


Am 2018-10-20 15:39, schrieb Jeff Young:
Hi Seth,

Yes, sorry, graphic items.

The problem is the initial snap.  Let’s say I have an item at [100,
25] and my snap/zoom resolution is currently set to 2.  If I right
arrow key then I’m expecting [102, 25] but what I get is [102, 24] (or
maybe [102, 26] depending on rounding).  That move on the Y-axis in
response to an X-axis keystroke is what’s annoying.

OK, I think I see what is happening. If you start with a graphical item that is off-grid, highlight it, press 'm' and then use the arrow keys to move it, the anchor point will snap to grid points. Since you are off-grid, this will cause the item to move both in the direction of the arrow key as well as perpendicular to the closest point.

I can think of a few different "correct" behaviors here.
1) Move in the direction of the arrow key to the closest grid _line_ but do not move perpendicular.
  - Second press in the same direction steps by the grid distance.
2) Move in the direction of the arrow key by the grid size distance (so staying on the grid defined by the origin) 3) Move in the direction of the arrow key stopping at _both_ the grid lines for the absolute and origin-relative steps.

Personally, I like (3) best. But you are correct, we shouldn't be moving perpendicular. I'll code up a fix.

BTW: did either you or Wayne get a chance to try out the
escaping-labels-and-netnames patch?

I looked it over and didn't see obvious issues but I'd like to play with it a bit more and try to find any corners.


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