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Re: [PATCH] Print stacktrace when SIGSEGV or SIGABRT appears


On 25/09/2018 19:53, Thomas Pointhuber wrote:
> Hi Wayne,
> thanks for reminder. I implemented a simple compile time switch to allow
> maintainers to enable/disable crash reporting.

Hi Thomas,

I had a look at your branch and I think it's ready to merge with one
exception - the default wx crash report dialog [1] is just, say,
"sub-optimal" in terms of user experience. It doesn't even tell the user
the program has just crashed, it doesn't provide any information what to
do with the crash report (i.e. where to send it) nor even says we're
sorry for the likely loss of unsaved data.

I made a variant of the dialog that (hopefully) is easier to understand.
This raises another question: do we have any means of reporting bugs
without forcing the users to register on launchpad, for example a public
Kicad bug email (e.g. bugs@xxxxxxxxxxxxx?). @Wayne, what do you think
about such solution?


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