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Re: 5.1


Hi Wayne,

On 10/25/18 5:17 PM, Wayne Stambaugh wrote:
> I looked at this and it only works for linux.  Although it may be highly
> unlikely, given that wxpython and wxwidgets can be build against gtk on
> windows and msys2 provides gtk2, gtk3, and as of a few days ago gtk4
> packages, there is always the possibility that this could happen on
> windows.  Since msys2 builds use wx-config, this shouldn't be a
> difficult change.

wxWidgets linked against GTK on Windows sounds so unlikely that I have
not even considered this as a possibility. That being said, GTK is
available on Windows so indeed it may happen one day. I have fixed that
part to prevent potential complaints.

>>> Hi Orson-
>>> It looks like this overwrites the user's preference for GTK toolkit. 
>>> I'd like to keep the ability to specify which toolkit I compile against
>>> if possible.
>>> Best-
>>> Seth
>> I will add such option, but keep in mind that pcbnew will be broken if
>> wxWidgets and wxPython use different toolkits. Note that the toolkit
>> version is enforced only on Linux and when KICAD_SCRIPTING_WXPYTHON is
>> enabled.
> You should always respect the devs preference even though it may be
> incorrect.  A simple check to see if wxWidgets_CONFIG_OPTIONS has
> already been defined should suffice.  If you are really feeling
> motivated, a warning to the uninformed developer would be useful.

Sure I am motivated! The current version adds --toolkit parameter only
when the builder has not specified it. There is also a warning displayed
when the requested toolkit does not match the one used by wxPython, but
nothing stops you from completing the build and experiencing the issues
on your own skin.


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