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[PATCH] Option to not render 3D models for footprints


The attached patchset expands on the "Preview" checkbox in the 3D model tab
in the footprint editor.

This "Preview" option currently only applies to the preview window. However
if the user wishes to disable display of a given 3D model in the PCB
renderer they must delete the 3D model from the footprint entirely.

The new patchset does the following:

1) The state of the m_Preview parameter for each 3D model is observed in
the various 3D renderers and exporters

2) The m_Preview parameter is saved to file (both .kicad_mod and .kicad_pcb)

With regard to file saving, if the 3D model is "enabled" (default state)
then the file is unchanged making this change largely backwards compatible.
If the 3D model is disabled, then the keyword "(disabled)" is added to the

You can now quickly toggle 3D models on/off on an individual basis and this
is statefully saved between sessions.

Patch-set is rebased and compiled
from b445b0fab28f7dd41273801d06d7705215c57c0f


Attachment: 0003-Do-not-render-3D-models-which-are-marked-as-disabled.patch
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Attachment: 0002-Add-disabled-token-to-pcb.keywords.patch
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Attachment: 0001-Change-Preview-to-Enabled-in-footprint-editor-window.patch
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