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Re: [PATCH] Option to not render 3D models for footprints


This has gone unresolved for a while now - if I put in some effort to
rebase this, is there any likelihood it will be accepted?

This patchset does involve a file format change to the PCB file but it is
backwards compatible and introduces a useful new feature.

On Tue, Oct 30, 2018 at 11:27 PM Oliver Walters <
oliver.henry.walters@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> The attached patchset expands on the "Preview" checkbox in the 3D model
> tab in the footprint editor.
> This "Preview" option currently only applies to the preview window.
> However if the user wishes to disable display of a given 3D model in the
> PCB renderer they must delete the 3D model from the footprint entirely.
> The new patchset does the following:
> 1) The state of the m_Preview parameter for each 3D model is observed in
> the various 3D renderers and exporters
> 2) The m_Preview parameter is saved to file (both .kicad_mod and
> .kicad_pcb)
> With regard to file saving, if the 3D model is "enabled" (default state)
> then the file is unchanged making this change largely backwards compatible.
> If the 3D model is disabled, then the keyword "(disabled)" is added to the
> file.
> You can now quickly toggle 3D models on/off on an individual basis and
> this is statefully saved between sessions.
> Patch-set is rebased and compiled
> from b445b0fab28f7dd41273801d06d7705215c57c0f
> Regards,

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