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Re: [RFC 1/2] New coordinate framework



On 21.11.2018 16:24, Mark Roszko wrote:

> Shouldn't the "length" class be called "coordinate"?

> Otherwise reading point::point(length nx, length ny) as an constructor
> is pretty weird.

Then I'd have to replicate the entire logic of "number + length unit"
for coordinates and sizes, which I thought I'd avoid and only have
"point", "vector" and possibly "size" as distinct types. With the
distinction between real-world and screen measurements, we'd be getting
close to "we need a class template" territory, but one of the minor
goals is to keep error messages readable:

 - "no operator+(point, screen_point)" is immediately understandable
 - "no operator+(vector2d<coordinate>, vector2d<screen_coordinate>)" is
still graspable
 - "no operator+(vector2d<coord<1,0>>, vector2d<coord<0,1>>)" borders on

The latter would allow representing the zoom factor as coord<1,-1>,
which would reduce the amount of code needed because we can have

    template<int nm1, int px1, int nm2, int px2>
    coord<nm1-nm2, px1-px2> operator/(coord<nm1, px1>, coord<nm2, px2>);

and have that check units on the zoom factor, but three classes written
out would probably not be that bad either, and give us better diagnostics.


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