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Re: [RFC 1/2] New coordinate framework



On 21.11.2018 20:02, jp charras wrote:

> what do you mean by:
> "that the entire code uses nanometers as internal units
That would be the goal, to use the same internal unit everywhere.
Nanometers make the most sense, because of the metric/imperial
conversion issues you mention.

> In Pcbnew, one nanometer is used mainly to avoid any conversion issue
> between inches and nanometers.
> Without this constraint, 10 nm will be better.

Hm, 1mil is 25400nm, so we could even go to 100nm without introducing
conversion issues. Would that work for all apps?

> By the way, I am pretty sure the the gtk3/Cairo overflow issue is not
> inside Kicad.

Indeed, that is a Cairo problem, but I tried to debug this with -ftrapv,
and found that we have surprisingly many integer overflows within KiCad.

They seem to be mostly harmless, but from a code quality point of view
I'd also like to see them gone.


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