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Re: [RFQ] - Do Not Fit


su 25. marrask. 2018 klo 20.25 Jeff Young (jeff@xxxxxxxxx) kirjoitti:

> I think we need to fit this in with the existing PCBNew Attributes stuff
> (“attr” in the file format).  We currently have through-hole, SMD and
> virtual (the later being similar to DNF/DNP)

I have always found "virtual" a strange word in this context. Anyways, it's
not logically same as "do not populate". Logically there are three options:
SMD, THT and No Component. The latter for footprints for which there's no
component at all, like programming pads for IC, gold fingers, castellated
edge or test point. For those footprints which have a component there would
be "do not populate" option which could remove the component from 3D view
and BOM if active.

For maximum flexibility, like in the situation which I mentioned in my
previous post, there could be "population groups" which could be
activated/deactivated. So instead of "DNP on/off" key there would be "DNP
group" key which would have the group (or by default be empty), and the
group would be switched on/off.

Eeli Kaikkonen