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Re: KiCad Janitor moves


Am 2018-12-11 12:16, schrieb Maciej Sumiński:
Recently KiCad Janitor had been rather unreliable, mostly due to my
capricious Internet connection, so a few minutes ago he has got a new
home at one of CERN servers. It used to work as a webhook, but in order
to improve robustness I have switched it to polling (updates every 2
minutes). I expect the setup to be rock-solid, so please ping me anytime
KiCad Janitor misbehaves.

Hi Orson-

Thanks for keeping Janitor happy! Once it's settled into its new home, can we run the 5.0.2 "Fix Committed"->"Fix Released" script to clear out the old reports that were tagged 5.0.2?


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