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Re: kicad-dev-nightly PPA builds for artful outdated?



Am 11.12.18 um 20:14 schrieb Matthijs Kooijman:
> If only PPA's would just support building against Debian/stable, that
> would make a lot of stuff easier. Or perhaps I should just move to
> Ubuntu instead...

that would be better than to rely on usable packages from Ubuntu because
of Debian Stable isn't fresh enough and doesn't provide nightly builds
of KiCad. PPA's for Debian could be provided too, it's just a matter
time and resources.

BTW: It's rather simple to build a own KiCad version in Debian Stretch
with additional packages from Backports. That's how I sometimes test if
I need to tweek the build of KiCad for Backports.

Carsten Schoenert