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Cost of different courtyard elements for the closed outline and DRC algorithms



Right now we have a few contributions for the library that use arcs quite extensively on the courtyard layer.

I would therefore like a bit of input.

Are arc generally more expensive than lines?

Is there a difference if the arc is a multiple of 90 degree compared to any other angle.

Is there a difference if the endpoints of two neighboring endpoints meed exactly vs they being within the tolerance range for counting as a closed outline (If i remember correctly then the tolerance was 0.01mm. I assume this is the radius of the tolerance circle.)

Regarding tolerance: How stable will the currently chosen value be? (If we allow arcs on the courtyard layer then we will need to fix a tolerance in the KLC. This is especially the case for arcs that are not 90 degrees.)

The two pull requests that are responsible for this question:

- https://github.com/KiCad/kicad-footprints/pull/1040

- https://github.com/KiCad/kicad-footprints/pull/1159

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