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Re: Cost of different courtyard elements for the closed outline and DRC algorithms


Am 2019-01-01 16:18, schrieb Jean-Paul Louis:
Let me strongly disagree with you. When you have a board with over
3000 SMT parts, rounded courtyards would be a disaster.

Which part are you disagreeing with? Rene asked a technical question as to whether there was a difference in calculating the courtyard overlaps. There is but the difference is small. Even with 3000 SMT parts.

I have build a lot of board with over 4000 parts, and that is not
unreasonable in the professional world, So if you want to limit the
use of Kicad to hobbyist, it is fine as complex shape courtyards is
just a gimmick and has ZERO value in term of manufacturing

Possibly. But it is a different question from whether KiCad can support the behavior.


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