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Re: Cost of different courtyard elements for the closed outline and DRC algorithms


Hi Frank,

D'oh, of course, they're right there! Sorry for overlooking that!

I doubt either of these would produce radically slower DRC time,
though you might *perhaps* notice it if *all* components got "fancy"
courtyards. Really, the only thing to do if concerned is benchmark it.
It's probably still small compared to trace clearance checks!

Memoising the bounding boxes should almost remove any complex
computations, needing to check only a few very close-packed items. So
IMO, that's the way to go if there were an issue here.

I'd be more concerned about the maintenance of very complex shapes,
especially for the "basic" parts, as well as the IPC compliance of
arcs in courtyards. But that is a library issue.



On Tue, Jan 1, 2019 at 11:10 PM Frank Severinsen
<frank@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi John
> René added 2 links in the bottom.
> One of them is a complex shape for a mosfet, with roundings. Which ends up in a lot of 90 deg arcs.
> The other discussion is mainly when the courtyard is a spline, which has been discretized into arcs. Hence also the question if weird angles are slower.