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Re: Cost of different courtyard elements for the closed outline and DRC algorithms


On 01/01/19 23:53, John Beard wrote:

@Rene: can you give some examples of "extensive" arc use on the
courtyard layers that you are thinking of?



The two pull requests i linked should give you an idea of what i right
now consider as most extensive use. Maybe also some battery holders that
are already in the lib.

Right now only parts that are used in low numbers on a board have
rounded courtyards. These are also the parts that benefit the most from
using close fitting courtyards. (A battery holder as a rectangle would
waste a lot more space than thinking about what to do with a 0402
(imperial) resistor.)

What i gather from this discussion is that we should be ok with using
arcs in such cases but we should not go overboard and do it for every
part. (Especially not ones where there is very little to gain.)

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