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Re: Cost of different courtyard elements for the closed outline and DRC algorithms


More info about courtyard DRC test:

Seth has perfectly answered the question about time calculation: the
cost is due to the global number of lines used to build polygonal shapes.

The DRC algorithm is a one pass algorithm (one by board side):
- The full set of shape is build.
- Then the intersection of all polygons is build (only one pass, and
each shape is taken in account only once) using Clipper.

I am thinking this is the faster and more easy way to detect overlapping
Probably any other way will be more time consuming, especially if a
bounding box is tested again all other bounding boxes (footprints can
have an orientation not 0 or 90 deg).

To minimize the calculation time, just avoid created useless complicated
courtyard shapes based only on aesthetic criteria.

Most of footprints have a rectangular courtyard shape. This is fine.

Some footprints need a more complex courtyard shape (connectors, exotic
footprints... )

But they are usually not a lot on a board, so they should not created
calculation time issues.

Jean-Pierre CHARRAS