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Re: "Fuzzy" antialiasing in eeschema


Am 2019-01-03 21:14, schrieb Alex Lockwood:
I know this is solidly within in realm of minor complaints, but I
wonder, is there anything "easy" that can be done about this?


A simple answer, I think, is to give eeschema and pcbnew separate
settings for antialiasing (as the sort of things pcbnew renders benefit
much more from it), but... can anybody explain to someone who doesn't
know jack about antialiasing algorithms why this happens? The
corners/junctions "spreading out" so far really strikes me as odd from
how I understand AA normally working. Are we doing anything...weird?

Hi Alexis-

I had a bug report[1] for separating the preferences. I've been ok with pushing this to later because I have found that supersampling 2x works for intermediate purposes. Not as good as fully-separating but better than subpixel in eeschema and better than no anti-aliasing in pcbnew. But that might be a combination of my setup, so if you can't find a decent joint setting, we should push this back to 5.1

The "spread" you see is generally the result of the Sobel filter doing edge-finding. It looks for contrast differences and mixes the colors more where the contrast is lower. So, around the junctions, there is more green, so there is more weight given to the green when mixing.


[1] https://bugs.launchpad.net/kicad/+bug/1808067

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