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Re: pcbnew startup from clean


Am 2019-01-03 21:27, schrieb Alex Lockwood:
Hey, has anyone started pcbnew with nothing in ~/.config/kicad recently?
I just did, and loaded a project, and this is what I got:


I had to manually set the canvas from inside pcbnew. Otherwise the
rendering was completely screwed up, everything piled on top of
everything in a way that I couldn't even really tell what was going on.
Uninitialized setting somewhere, maybe? It's entirely possible this is
specific to this machine, I also haven't started from clean in a long
time. Just curious whether anyone's testing those code paths.

I also had to apply this patch to keep pcbnew from segfaulting when I
open menus. Suppose I should probably open a proper bug for this one,
but I'm a bit confused by it (it seems like this should have been broken
for a long time for everyone, but it...isn't?)

diff --git a/pcbnew/pcb_base_frame.cpp b/pcbnew/pcb_base_frame.cpp
index 36ffbd45f..c663f8a60 100644
--- a/pcbnew/pcb_base_frame.cpp
+++ b/pcbnew/pcb_base_frame.cpp
@@ -1189,7 +1189,7 @@ void PCB_BASE_FRAME::OnUpdateSwitchCanvas(
wxUpdateUIEvent& aEvent )
     for( auto ii: menuList )
         wxMenuItem* item = menuBar->FindItem( ii.menuId );
-        if( ii.galType == canvasType )
+        if( item && ii.galType == canvasType )
             item->Check( true );

I think that this is the same as [1] that John is working on. Are you using GTK3?


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