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Re: [KiCad-developers] Hoping to contribute but I have some questions


Am 2019-01-08 09:46, schrieb Wayne Stambaugh:

This seems backwards to me.  Geographical references are generated at
the board level so the references changes have to be pushed from the
board to the schematic not the other way around.  This requires the
following steps:

1) Create a netlist from the board editor.
2 preferred) Send netlist via KiMail to schematic editor.
2 optional) Save netlist to file.
3 preferred) Update references in schematic from mailed netlist.
3 optional) Load netlist from file and update references in schematic.

Either way, the code will have to be written to generate a netlist in
the board editor and parse the netlist in the schematic editor.  The
netlist generated by the board editor should have the same format as the
netlist currently generated by the schematic editor.

The reason I am making this netlist approach a requirement is that this
will be necessary for pin and gate swapping, constraint management, etc.
 It will also allow us to replace the component assignment file (.cmp)
for updating footprint changes in the board.  Allowing an interim
solution only means the someone will have to go back and merge it into
the netlist solution.  I would rather avoid the extra work.

Got it. Brian, it sounds like you'll want to hang tight until the backannotation is in place. At which point, you can presumably call a single function to change the reference of a component and have that pushed back to eeschema.


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