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Re: [PATCH 1/7] Clear comp highlighting before highlight new one.


Am 2019-01-16 09:56, schrieb Wayne Stambaugh:

What platform did you use to test your changes?  If it was linux, are
you using gtk2 or gtk3?  Would some of our other devs please test this
patch set.  wxGrid tends to have it's own set of platform dependent
quirks so I would like to avoid breaking anything before merging these

This part works for me on Debian Buster/gtk3.

I have a couple comments on the patch set.

1) Shift-Esc is not intuitive and we shouldn't use it. Escape to exit the edited cell and restore the value is very nice but if not actively editing a cell, escape should close the dialog. The prompt for unsaved changes should be sufficient to prevent accidental closure.

2) Line 456 of grid_tricks.cpp uses end_col for the loop end condition. But it is only initialized if there is a selection. Otherwise, it is undefined.

3) Pasting into a collapsed row should (ideally) expand the row. Currently, it writes into the collapsed row, which fills all sub rows

4) Pasting into the Configure Paths dialog goes into an infinite loop.

5) Pasting the wrong column into the Pin Table is a segfault (Copy from one column, paste into another


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