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Re: [RFC/PATCH] Generic utility tool



A very gentle bump here. I'm thinking about a utility to assist in
debugging/benchmarking/testing/developing DRC routines (currently
working on some DRC unit testing, but the testing utils are easily
re-used into a small utility-style executable).

However, I am cognisant of the costs of adding things like this,
especially with such large link times and RAM usage of things that
suck in the pcbnew object library. So I'd like to know if:

1) These kinds of utilities are wanted at all, or are they adding
maintenance overhead for tools no-one ever uses? I'd understand that
perspective, as I appreciate developer time is highly limited and
cross-platform breakage is so easy to perpetrate.
2) If wanted, is a "merged" approach appreciated, or keep them
separate, in the hopes of once day having shared libs and much reduced
link time/effort?



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