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Re: [PATCH] Fix zero-width line and circle in eagle-import


Am 2019-01-26 10:26, schrieb Thomas Pointhuber:

compiling KiCad gave me a bunch of those warnings, indicating problems
with the eagle importer:

./pcbnew/eagle_plugin.cpp:1401:21: warning: implicit conversion from
'double' to 'int' changes value from 0.05 to 0 [-Wliteral-conversion]
            width = DEFAULT_EDGE_WIDTH;
                  ~ ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
./include/board_design_settings.h:35:39: note: expanded from macro
#define DEFAULT_EDGE_WIDTH            0.05

I looked into the issue and found out that the handling for width==0 in
circles is currently wrongly implemented (it creates a filled circle),
beside of the obvious double -> int issue.

In case of wire with==0 I was not able to find a behavior other than it
is no longer visible in the editor. I kept the old behavior defined for
now (use default width), but correctly implemented it using the defined
default line width.

Regards, Thomas

Hi Thomas-

Thanks for catching that!  Tested and looks good.  Patch pushed.