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Re: [PATCH] Array tools fixes (inc 5.1.0)


Am 2019-01-30 10:24, schrieb John Beard:

Here are a bunch of refactors to fix some issues in the Array tool
(including a 5.1.0 issue), as well as putting several things under
test. Seems quite a lot has degraded in here, and I fixed a few long
standing issues too.

1) Separate generic array geometry and numbering logic out to common.
Place under test.
2) Fix lp:1808706 (5.0.1 bug)
3) Fix some control enablements for geometric options that are
mistakenly disabled in PCB mode.
4) Allow the array tool to renumber the original pad (e.g. 1 -> A1 for
a 2D grid)
5) Fix dialog init values (they are often quite useless, e.g. spacings of 0, 0)
6) Break the widget save/restore logic out to a common class (this
logic is not array-specific)
7) Break out a MODULE string function and place under test
8) Break out ref-des utilities and place under test (this exposes the
bug in lp:1813669 as expected failures)
9) Actually fix the bug in lp:1813669 (and remove expected failures)

This patch set has built on Jenkins MSVC and Msys2, but does require
Simon's Boost patch for MSVC.

This patch set works well for me on Debian Buster/gtk3. As long as it similarly behaves as expected for Mac/MSW, I'd be in favor of merging this for 5.1


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