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Re: [PATCH] Build fixes: bitmaps and polygon


On 31/01/2019 15:40, John Beard wrote:
> Hi,
> Two patches for building these libs:
> 1) Make bitmaps a "Proper" library. By splitting it off like this, the
> includes for each of the hundreds of XPM cpp files do not need to suck
> in WX headers. This speeds compilation by something like 10x or more
> (it now builds in <5 seconds with -j6), with a similar reduction in
> the size of libbitmaps.a. Also, making it a proper library allows to
> use the CMake dependency mechanism better.
> 2) Do the same for the CMake of the polygon libraries, again
> simplifying all the "downstream" targets - they no longer need to
> manually specify the linkage to polygon or the include dirs.

Hi John,

Looks good.

Do you think it would make sense (for the sake of faster builds) to
factor out the 3D viewer into a separate KiFace?


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