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Re: [PATCH] Build fixes: bitmaps and polygon


Hi Tom,

I'm not really sure. I suppose it depends on the benefits it brings (and in future with shared common libs, perhaps it won't matter as much?)

Doesn't separate KiFace imply a separate unit test and utility tools too, which would be a bit of extra overhead? Unless you can still combine?



On 31 January 2019 14:38:33 GMT, Tomasz Wlostowski <tomasz.wlostowski@xxxxxxx> wrote:
>On 31/01/2019 15:40, John Beard wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Two patches for building these libs:
>> 1) Make bitmaps a "Proper" library. By splitting it off like this,
>> includes for each of the hundreds of XPM cpp files do not need to
>> in WX headers. This speeds compilation by something like 10x or more
>> (it now builds in <5 seconds with -j6), with a similar reduction in
>> the size of libbitmaps.a. Also, making it a proper library allows to
>> use the CMake dependency mechanism better.
>> 2) Do the same for the CMake of the polygon libraries, again
>> simplifying all the "downstream" targets - they no longer need to
>> manually specify the linkage to polygon or the include dirs.
>Hi John,
>Looks good.
>Do you think it would make sense (for the sake of faster builds) to
>factor out the 3D viewer into a separate KiFace?

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