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Re: Kicad support for Linux on PPC


Tomasz Wlostowski kirjoitti 18.2.2019 klo 12.37:
> On 18/02/2019 11:14, Gianluca Renzi wrote:
>> I am using readon driver. The opensource one.
> It supports only a part of OpenGL standard if it fails to compile a
> simple shader (and the Cairo canvas works fast only for very small PCB
> designs and the 3D viewer doesn't use shaders). IIRC only Intel provides
> graphics drivers for Linux which are *both* open and fully compliant
> with the standards.

Maybe it is LLVM bug on PPC if it is shader compilation issue. I have
used modern AMD GPUs on x86-64 open source drivers without issues for
years. Intel shared memory ones were also very fast with wxDC renderer.