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5.1 release


I plan on tagging and branch 5.1 today around 12PM EST.  Please do not
push any further changes to the development branch unless a critical bug
needs to be fixed.  Will the repo maintainers tag all of the library,
doc, and translation repos as soon as possible so we can get packages
built.  Once you've tagged the repo, ping the mailing list so the
package devs know when to start the release builds.  Let me know if
there are still any outstanding issues that would delay the release.

Once I branch 5.1 please do not push any new features to the development
branch until I get a chance to review the list of changes and set the
merge priority.  I should have the merge priority ready by tomorrow at
the latest.  Bug fixes can be pushed as always.  Do not forget to cherry
pick bug fixes to the 5.1 branch as required.

Thanks again everyone for your continued hard work and dedication.
KiCad continues to steadily improve with each new release.  Version 6
will lay the groundwork for the next wave of improvements and features.
I'm looking forward to seeing what we can accomplish during the upcoming
development cycle.



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