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Re: Patch: Legacy symbol read/write extraction; SCH_PLUGIN registry mechanism


On 3/12/19 3:30 PM, Wayne Stambaugh wrote:

I still have to finish reviewing the original patch so please do not
merge it.  For the few simple changes required to access the symbol
library parser and formatter that Brian requested, it seems like an
excessively large change set.

Oh yes, the patch I submitted contains both the serialization and an implementation of a SCH_PLUGIN registry.  Given the discussion so far, I would expect you to reject it as a whole; I wouldn't expect you to piece through it and pull out only the serialization changes.  In a day or two I should be able to submit a patch just for the LEGACY_PART_READER/WRITER classes, which should only touch three files.  I just need to figure out the right git gymnastics, since I didn't commit the work to my branch in separate pieces.


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