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Patch: Legacy symbol read/write extraction; SCH_PLUGIN registry mechanism


Hello everyone,

Thank you for the kind, informative, and speedy responses to my previous message about schematic library code.

Attached please find a gzipped patch generated by `git format-patch` for initial review and comment at your ("y'all's") leisure.  This patch both extracts legacy symbol serialization into a complementary pair of classes, and implements a plugin registry mechanism that handles things like telling the file browser a set of filters (in addition to providing the means of finding plugins by extension, type name, or numeric ID).

I look forward to feedback.  I know there are some places that I felt a little dirty about, and welcome the opportunity to discuss them whenever a responsible party (e.g. the upstream author, maybe) has some time.


Attachment: 0001-Introduces-SCH_IO_PLUGIN_REGISTRY-and-supporting-obj.patch.gz
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