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Re: Patch: Extract LIB_PART read/write from SCH_LEGACY_PLUGIN_CACHE


Good morning, Wayne.

After sleeping on it, I think I can take another crack at this idea that'll fit better with the points you've raised.

A couple things to clear up, just for the sake of same-pageness:

That being said, I still don't know exactly what
your are parsing and formatting.  Is it the full symbol library file
format definition or just LIB_PART definition?  If it's just LIB_PART
(which I suspect it is), then there is no need to break out all of the
symbol library file parser code.  Only loadPart(), savePart(), and its
dependencies need to be broken out.
Correct.  Just the LIB_PART parts, not the whole schematic.  It is only the LIB_PART parse/format code that I had split out into the static classes, not the code related to reading schematics.
You could make them static in the SCH_LEGACY_PLUGIN_CACHE as well and
access them through the SCH_LEGACY_PLUGIN as static.
Agreed.  After chewing on the ideas a while, I think this makes plenty of sense for a second revision of my idea.

I'll have a new patch for review sometime soon.


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