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[RFC] type-based transparency


Hi all,

I want to change the color system in PcbNew so that transparency is tied to
object type rather than board layer.  Color would still be set by layer,
but transparency would be settable for things like tracks, component pads,
zones, etc.

I made a quick hack to prototype this and want to get input before I put a
lot of work into this feature.

Here's a link to a before and after screenshot: https://imgur.com/a/WUSdTt0

The idea here is that I find the most optimal way to route dense boards is
to have the tracks and vias for the current layer be 100% opaque, but to
have some transparency on pads and more transparency on copper zones.  This
way, I get the best contrast on the things I'm working on most (tracks /
vias) but can also see through areas of copper to what is on other layers

Love it? Hate it? Let me know before I put in the work to make a UI around
the settings, etc.


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