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Re: [RFC] type-based transparency


On 18/03/2019 13.28, Seth Hillbrand wrote:
> Am 2019-03-17 20:11, schrieb Jon Evans:
>> Hi all,
>> I want to change the color system in PcbNew so that transparency is
>> tied to object type rather than board layer.  Color would still be set
>> by layer, but transparency would be settable for things like tracks,
>> component pads, zones, etc.
> Hi Jon-
> I like the idea.  I can see that working well for 
> tracks/zones/vias/footprints/etc.
> I would still like to keep the option (maybe as a multiplicative 
> setting) of changing a layer transparency, at least for user layers.  I 
> wouldn't want my GDT marks to automatically have the same transparency 
> as lines in copper layers, for instance.
> -Seth

I second that. Setting transparency by object type as well as layer set by an n x m multiplication might be the way to go.
Imagine how to visualize an 8+ layer board with embedded passives instead of only a 2 layer board. Additionally, it might become very handy to highlight (reduce transparency and/or emphasize brightness and/or saturation) of the current routing layer, dynamically updating on each layer change while routing.

Thank you,