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Re: Bit of Makefile Help


Hi Christopher-

Am 2019-03-20 21:53, schrieb Christopher Buckley:
Hello, I'm new to the dev team and am experimenting with an improvement.

I've done a successful build with provided sources and have revised
the modules I believe are applicable.

My initial build took about 3 hours...which is probably typical.

Yikes! I assume you were using a single processor. I usually use 'make -j#' where # is the number of cores + 1 on my system. Typical full build times are 6-8 minutes. Unless some of your build time was for dependencies?

How can I speed up test build time using make targets ?

Maybe. If you are changing eeschema, you might just run 'make eeschema' to rebuild only that executable.

Can I assume that as long as I don't 'make clean' then 'make install'
should revise the process to only rebuild affected objects?

Usually this is true. We have a few extra headers floating around, which tend to increase dependencies.

I've noticed a 'test' target...should just do 'make test' ?

'make test' will run the units tests.


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