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[RFC] online (real-time) ERC/DRC


Hi all,

I would like to start laying the groundwork for online ERC/DRC.

This means, for example:
- Objects will know if they have any ERC/DRC errors
- If objects are edited, associated error markers can be cleared/updated

Eventually, we could add a (optional) mode where new ERC/DRC errors can be
added in real-time as the user edits.  To begin, I'd only be clearing or
updating existing errors (generated with the offline / batch ERC/DRC
process we have now).

For the schematic, I think all ERC checking will able to be done in
real-time once my new connectivity stuff is merged.  For the PCB, of course
there are some DRC checks that are way too slow to be done in real-time,
but we could explore whether some checks are fast enough.

I would start with the schematic ERC since that's where my head is at right
now, but what I do should be able to carry over to PcbNew in case it ends
up working well.

Any thoughts on this?


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