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Formatting hook changes


Hi all,

I have pushed some changes to the format check git hook, which means
that when you commit with the hooks on:

* You won't be nagged about changes in generated files
* You won't be nagged about unstaged files

Also provide a handy fixer/checker/amender script that uses the same
logic and data (git attributes).

Also, you now turn on the checking with the following git config,
rather than env vars:

   git config kicad.check-format

The env var will continue working, but git config is a tider solution.
As before the default behaviour is "do not check".

I have applied to both branches to keep the process consistent on
active branches, and updated the documentation. Let me know if
anything is unclear or doesn't work how you'd expect!

Two handy git aliases:

        check-format = "! f() { tools/check_coding.sh --diff; }; f"
        fix-format = "! f() { tools/check_coding.sh; }; f"