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Re: Zone hatch filling patch



On 3/27/19 4:12 PM, jp charras wrote:
> Le 20/03/2019 à 19:27, Wayne Stambaugh a écrit :
>> Hi JP,
>> Rather than pollute the bug report[1] with feedback about your zone
>> hatch filling patch, I moved the conversation to the mailing list.  If
>> anyone else would like to test and comment on this patch, the patch can
>> be found in the bug report.
>> I did some testing and the results look pretty good although it can be a
>> bit time consuming filling complex zones.  This is to be expected.  One
>> thing I did notice was that the hatched zone filling appears to leave
>> really small cutouts in some cases (see attached image).  I know there
>> is no setting for this but maybe we should use the "Minimum width"
>> setting to removed excessively small cutouts as well as copper areas.
>> I'm not sure what users are going to expect here but it's something to
>> think about.
>> I also would like you to change the terminology from "grid pattern" to
>> "hatch" for UI strings, source code naming, and file formatting.  In
>> other words, the file format token "pattern_thickness" should be
>> "hatch_thickness", the source code name "m_GridPatternThickness" should
>> be "m_HatchThickness", and the dialog fill type string type "Grid
>> Pattern" should be "Hatch". I think "hatch" is more descriptive when
>> describing this type of zone fill.
>> Cheers,
>> Wayne
> Hi Wayne and All,
> Attached, a new patch for hatched zones.
> I replaced the terminology "grid pattern" by "hatch" in dialog and files.
> The hatch pattern is now filtered to avoid creation of small and very
> small holes due to the holes added by the hatch: all truncated hatch
> holes having an area smaller than half of the basic hatch hole area are
> removed.
> The hatch patter filled should now generate better shapes.
> Please test.

The fill looks much better.  I did find two minor issues.

The file format indentation is incorrect.  The hatch tokens should be
indented two spaces from the "fill" token.  In other words, remove the
space from the beginning of the output string and set the indent level
to aNestLevel+2.

The "Smooth value" edit control in the zone properties dialog does not
allow me to enter non-integer values on linux (I didn't test it on
windows) and the spinner controls are not incrementing or decrementing
by 0.1 or at least it's not being displayed correctly.  Once those two
issues are resolved, I think its ready to merge unless there any other



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