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Re: More wxString multi-threading issues


I’m currently trying a build with no wxString reference in that particular spot, and overriding the routine at the SCH_FIELD level to lock a mutex when copying the string to the stack.  I’ll email again once I have results….

(Note however that this is a piecemeal approach: we’d still have to find all things affected and guard them with mutexes.  It just keeps the guard from “escaping” through a returned reference.)

> On 3 Apr 2019, at 16:15, Seth Hillbrand <seth@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi Jeff-
> The major downside to our using UTF-16 is that it is not endian-independent.  Unless we drop support for big-endian platforms, we'll need to handle both cases.  I needn't tell you what a pain that would be.
> Maybe we can just not return wxString references?  Enforce a getter/setter paradigm and pass the object?
> Thoughts?
> -S
> Am 2019-04-03 09:35, schrieb Jeff Young:
>> Jon is currently fighting another wxString multi-threading issue.
>> Having done quite a few of these myself, I feel for him.
>> A lot of them were threaded accesses to globals, so it was easy enough
>> to make the globals std::strings.  However, this one is EDA_TEXT’s
>> m_Text field.  That’s going to be a pretty big change to move to
>> std::string.  And it’s nearly impossible to compartmentalise because
>> returning a const& isn’t really const (iterating over the string will
>> modify the linked-list of iterators, which is where the trouble comes
>> in).
>> What about moving Kicad to UTF16 internally?  (The linked list of
>> iterators is a performance optimisation specifically for UTF8 builds.)
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