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Re: Keep text upright



> On 7 Apr 2019, at 04:09, Seth Hillbrand <seth@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Am 2019-04-06 19:06, schrieb Jeff Young:
>> The keep text upright feature works poorly with left- or
>> right-justified text (it flips around the anchor point).
>> This is difficult to fix because it’s done at display time (so if the
>> code is changed it will change the layout of existing boards).
>> We could insert a second “keep upright” algorithm that’s done at edit
>> time, and would essentially disable the display-time one for edited
>> text (since it would already be adjusted to upright).  The downside to
>> this is that if you rotate some text with keep-upright on, and then
>> turn it off, the text won’t “un-flip”.  But maybe that’s not so bad?
>> The “keep” verb nearly already suggests that it’s an edit-time
>> function.
> Hi Jeff-
> If we do this at edit-time, won't that effectively negate the "keep upright" part?  As it, when does the text change?  When the item's orientation on the board is changed?

Yes, it would re-adjust when you rotated, flipped or mirrored the text (or its parent).

>  Or earlier?
> I don't think the lack of an "un-flip" is bad.  As long as the user is editing the text, they are looking for changes, I think.
> -S