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Re: Keep text upright


On 2019-04-06 7:06 p.m., Jeff Young wrote:
The keep text upright feature works poorly with left- or right-justified text (it flips around the anchor point).
[snip]> if you rotate some text with keep-upright on, and then turn it off, the text won’t “un-flip”. But maybe that’s not so bad? The “keep” verb nearly already suggests that it’s an edit-time function.

I've had a problem with the keep upright feature since it was introduced. It has been causing me more problems than it is supposed to solve. I have a custom patch in my copy of the source tree that disables the feature.

The problem with keep upright is that it doesn't know which board edges are the "up" side. For one of my PCB's it is using the wrong edges for "up".



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