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Re: 5.1.1



On Sat, Apr 06, 2019 at 11:31:27PM -0400, Seth Hillbrand wrote:

> I'd like to suggest spinning out 5.1.1 soon and pushing the existing
> 5.1.1 bugs to 5.1.2.
> Thoughts?

I'd like to use this opportunity and add ten random package GUIDs to the
"uninstall before" list in the Windows installer to prepare for splitting
up the package.

The idea is that when the package split then finally happens, we can use
these GUIDs for the separate parts, so users can go back from a split
nightly to a 5.1.1 release just by installing over the nightly, and it will
install cleanly without file conflicts.

To get a feeling whether I should prioritize this up or delay until 5.1.2:
any ideas on when you expect these two releases?


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