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A neat decision-making scheme


In my last few years at Adobe I worked with Day Software in Switzerland which we had just acquired.  They did a lot of open-source stuff with Apache and had this neat decision-making scheme (which may have originated at Apache — I’m unaware of its source):

If you need direction on something, you send an email to the list.  (This part is no different than what we do today.)

If someone agrees, they reply with “+1”.

If someone wants to halt progress until either some discussion is had or until another direction is chosen they veto with a “-1”.

When you accumulate three +1s and are clear of -1s you’re good to go.

If you do get one or more -1s you’re blocked until those folks change their input to either a “+0” or a “+1”.

If you haven’t yet reached three +1s after a time-out period (I think we used a week but it might have been two), but you are clear of -1s, you can send a message to the list indicating a default-consensus and go ahead and implement it.

Might this be useful for us?

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