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Re: kicad_pcb, kicad_mod format change for daily build?


On 15 Apr 2019, at 13:56, easyw <easyw@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
recently I have noticed that both kicad_pcb and kicad_mod seems to have changed their format.
It have been introduced double quotes for layers pads etc.
    (0 F.Cu signal)
    (31 B.Cu signal)

    (0 "F.Cu" signal)
    (31 "B.Cu" signal)

When I was asking about an updated file format document I was told "There have been virtually no changes to the file format other than how symbol library links are defined for a very long time."

I consider it a file format change if quotes weren't needed before but they are now. It is the type of information I need to be sure I'm generating files in the proper format to avoid possibly having to go through the migration process.

There may be other change(s) I may need to know about because the version number in the files has been bumped since the current file format doc was written. The files I'm generating are a version behind and have to go through a migration process when I try and open them. I don't fully trust the migration process.

I hope someone can update the docs after KiCon, or perhaps someone can point me to which file(s) generate the schematic files used by eeschema.



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