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Re: 5.1.1 issue


On 4/21/19 5:18 PM, Wayne Stambaugh wrote:
> It's looks like 5.1.1 has a serious issue which was fixed and will be
> released in 5.1.2.  Since folks have already started downloading 5.1.1,
> I don't think changing the 5.1.1 tag is a good idea.  How much trouble
> would it be to spin 5.1.2 and skip formally releasing 5.1.1?  I'm fine
> if we use the 5.1.1 libraries, documentation, and translations as
> nothing has change since 5.1.1 that would effect anything.  I figure
> this will give Adam some more time to get the macos release out.  I
> apologize in advance for dropping the ball on this.

My preference would be to tag all seven repositories with 5.1.2, even if the 5.1.2 and 5.1.1 tags are on the same commit.  That way, the intent is very clear in the history of each repo.

Changing / reusing a tag once it has been pushed is never a good idea, IMO.


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