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Re: HotKey user model


Hi JP,

> On 26 Apr 2019, at 19:12, jp charras <jp.charras@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Le 26/04/2019 à 19:21, Jeff Young a écrit :
>> I’ve been talking to Wayne about the ‘W’ and ‘X’ hotkeys.  It appears the design goal is to have these be immediate actions (that is, they start a wire or a track, rather than just selecting the wire or track tool).
>> Presumably this would then also apply to ‘A’, ‘P’, ‘L’, ‘H’, ‘J’, ‘Q’, etc.  (None of these perform an immediate action today, right?)
> In short: Yes. This is how the hotkeys worked, previously.
>> Do we want there to be some related way to select the tools?  That is, if ‘Q’ places a no-connect then shift-Q would select the no-connect tool?  If yes, would these be separately editable, or would they simply follow whatever the user changed the main hotkeys to?
>> Or is there some other facility that’s already supposed to work for tools?
> Why do you want to change the previous behavior? Is it not good?

It was already changed.  I don’t know when or why.  

I don’t have a problem with <key> doing an immediate action and <shift><key> selecting the tool, but that’s not how it works today.

(Note that I don’t have a problem with the other way either.  As long as all the tools are consistent.)


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