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Re: Kudos to Michael Kavanagh


On 4/29/19 2:51 PM, Seth Hillbrand wrote:
> Am 2019-04-29 14:39, schrieb Wayne Stambaugh:
>> On 4/26/19 6:01 PM, Michael Kavanagh wrote:
>>> Ha, thanks!
>>> On that note, there are a lot of old bugs marked as "Fix Committed", but
>>> because they were never associated to a milestone (or some other reason)
>>> the Janitor never cleaned them up to "Fix Released" when they were in
>>> fact released. 
>>> At the time of writing: 
>>> 467 fix committed
>>> 13 off 5.1.0-rc2
>>> 59 off 5.1.1
>>> 315 with no milestone assigned
>>> Is there any reason why we are leaving these long released bug fixes as
>>> "Fix Committed" in the bug tracker? If not, I can go through, check
>>> if/when the fixes were released and and clean them up.
>> I would really appreciate it if you would update them to "Fix Released".
>> Thanks,
>> Wayne
> Orson and I were discussing giving Janitor the power to cleanup all bugs
> with Fix Committed prior to v5.1 as Fix Released.  That should take care
> of the majority.
> -S

I just thought about that after I posted.  If that's possible, it would
be a far more desirable solution.  It would make Michael's life a lot