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Re: [PATCH] Crash Reporter


Hey Tom,

I finally got around to testing this.  I could not get it to build on
windows or linux.  I'm getting the following compiler error on both 32
and 64 bit windows and linux builds:

E:/msys64/home/Wayne/src/kicad-lp-clone/common/debug_report.cpp: In
member function 'void DEBUG_REPORT::buildVersionInfo(wxString&)':
error: 'OCC_VERSION_COMPLETE' was not declared in this scope
     aMsg << indent4 << "opencascade-community-edition: " <<

[ 43%] Building CXX object common/CMakeFiles/common.dir/eagle_parser.cpp.obj
note: suggested alternative: 'STG_E_INCOMPLETE'
     aMsg << indent4 << "opencascade-community-edition: " <<



By chance did you build with OCC instead of OCE which is what I am
using?  Please fix this when you get a chance, I would like to get this
merged but I need to be able to test.

Why did your remove the GDK_* and GTK_* environment variables from
APP_KICAD ctor?  Wont this break the compatibility support we currently

I noticed quite a bit of trailing whitespace in patches 5 and 10 so that
will need to be cleaned up.

Please send me the link to your remote branch for this.  It's easier for
me to just pull a branch into my repo than apply a large patch set using
`git am`.



On 4/14/2019 6:50 PM, Tomasz Wlostowski wrote:
> Dear all,
> The attached patchset introduces a builtin crash reporter for Kicad -
> that is a window that pops up in case of a segmentation fault/other
> serious error, kindly apologizes to the user and lets him/her submit
> (anonymously) a bug report to us. It's loosely based on wxDebugReport,
> with a lot of new code (i.e. stack walker for windows or more meaningful
> report format...).
> This is particularly targeted at Windows/OSX users, since getting a
> useful stack trace on these systems is considerably more difficult (at
> least for non-programmers) than on (L)Unixes.
> I invite you to test it, in case recent KiCad nightlies have become too
> stable, you can always simulate a crash through 'Help->Simulate Kicad
> Crash'.
> Cheers,
> Tom
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