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Re: eeSchema V6 - any thoughts as to tabbed schematics?


Am 2019-05-03 08:05, schrieb Brian Piccioni:
Hello Devs

This is well beyond my capabilities, but I have been wondering if
having tabbed schematics is a viable feature for eeSchema?

Currently you have to open another instance of eeSchema or click
through to sheets in order to see other sheets. Tabs would be more
convenient than clicking on a sheet (or multiple levels of sheets),
backing out, etc., at least in many circumstances. So, rather than
leaving the current sheet when clicking down one would open a tab.

In terms of implementation, although, again, this is well beyond my
abilities it seems to me tabbed sheets would mostly be an issue of
selecting which to render and to treat as "on top" or in focus.
eeSchema files are tiny so memory would likely not be an issue.

Anyhow I thought I'd suggest it.

Thank you for the suggestion. Please submit this at the bug tracker. Wishlist items to the developer list are generally lost in the larger volume of messages.