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IMPORTANT build change for OSX users


I’ve added a check in the headers that will fail a compile if wxUSE_UNICODE_UTF8 is set.  This will allow us to remove a bunch of our mutex hacks.  (It turns out that it’s only on for OSX; the other platforms already have it off.)

You’ll need to do 3 things in your wxWidgets tree:

1) git fetch (your origin should be set to git@xxxxxxxxxx:KiCad/wxWidgets.git and you should be on branch kicad/macos-wx-3.0)
2) run your configure command without the --enable-UTF8 option [1]
3) make install (in wxWidgets/build)

(You’ll probably need to do a clean and a re-build of Kicad after this.)


[1] This is the configure I used:

../configure \
    --prefix=`pwd`/../wx-bin \
    --with-opengl \
    --enable-aui \
    --enable-html \
    --enable-stl \
    --enable-debug \
    --enable-debug-gdb \
    --with-libjpeg=builtin \
    --with-libpng=builtin \
    --with-regex=builtin \
    --with-libtiff=builtin \
    --with-zlib=builtin \
    --with-expat=builtin \
    --without-liblzma \
    --with-macosx-version-min=10.13 \
    --enable-universal-binary=x86_64 \
    CC=clang \

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