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Re: 6.0 task proposal


On 10/05/2019 11:53, Jeff Young wrote:

My concern with this is that the more spread out you store the info, the more maps you need, and the more room for error you have (when maps are missing keys, etc.).

I have a single big default list in mind, rather than many disparate lists. This is constructed as suitable for the platform (e.g. macOS defaults when needed).[1]

It's OK for actions to be missing bindings. I think quite few TOOL_ACTIONs would be OK with a empty-by-default hotkey. For example, there are 10 layer-visibility presets in the Layer panel context menu with no hotkeys at all - these don't all need defaults, but it would be good to be able to set them if users want.

Loading duplicate (default) keys could be an assert (cos it's user-unfriendly to ship it like that) followed by one of skip or remove existing. That would just result in a missing hotkey binding at load. Ditto for loading strings that don't exist (tool removed/changed ID). It's not fatal, the worst outcome is a missing binding that the user can set.



[1]: *Maybe* this would also be the right place for locale-specific hotkeys munging too? E.g. if Cyrillic keyboards, say, don't work well with the Latin defaults.

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