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Re: Question / maybe feature request


On 5/15/19 6:49 PM, Eeli Kaikkonen wrote:
> to 16. toukok. 2019 klo 0.42 Steven A. Falco (stevenfalco@xxxxxxxxx <mailto:stevenfalco@xxxxxxxxx>) kirjoitti:
>     2) A way to have the Symbol Editor re-read the library file from the disk.  Right now, I have to close and open the Symbol Editor to get it to read the symbol from a .lib file.
> I think KiCad in general lacks the ability to reload files. That would be handy for example when using git checkout. Many kinds of programs even "listen" for changes in the file, give notice about it and offer to reload, but it may be an overkill for KiCad.

Agreed - I thought about having KiCad watch for file changes, but that seems too complex.  I'd be very happy with a menu item or hot-key.