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Re: Question / maybe feature request


On 5/16/19 9:22 AM, John Beard wrote:
> Hi Steve,
> On 15/05/2019 22:42, Steven A. Falco wrote:
>> There are two things that would make this easier:
>> 1) A way to assign a hot-key to a Symbol Editor grid setting; i.e. something similar to the pcbnew "Fast Switching" feature in the Grid menu.
> I have added the N/Shift+N next/previous grid hotkeys to eeschema. Adding the fast-switch grids is a bit more work, as they are still part of pcbnew (whereas general grids have are now in the common tools framework).

N/Shift+N is very good; I didn't know about that one.

If possible, it would be really nice to show the current grid selection on the status line at the bottom of the window, along with the existing zoom level and XY cursor data.  Otherwise one has to remember the current grid setting to know how many times to type N/Shift+N.

>> 2) A way to have the Symbol Editor re-read the library file from the disk.  Right now, I have to close and open the Symbol Editor to get it to read the symbol from a .lib file.  I have to iterate many times as I tune up my C program to generate the proper symbol elements, and it gets tedious to keep doing "close/open/select".
> In the footprint editor, you can simply double click the footprint to reload after an external edit. This doesn't work in the symbol editor. I assume it would work after the new format lands, but in the meantime perhaps it can be retrofitted to reload the library. Anyone know if that's possible?

Indeed.  That would be perfect, if possible.

	Thanks John,